QUHZ-W40VA(CO2) outdoor unit

Outdoor unit


Ecodan QUHZ

The new Ecodan QUHZ heat pump is a solution based on the refrigerant CO2 (R744). Reaching an output of 4 kW, it provides an excellent heat source for use in most new homes, while reducing the risk of oversizing and inefficient operation of the heat pump system.

Key features:

    • Use of the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744). It does not cause damage to the ozone layer (ODP = 0) and has a low global warming potential (GWP = 1)
    • High efficiency in DHW preparation mode
    • Quiet operation for non-invasive use in dense housing
    • No DHW storage, i.e. no risk of developing legionella bacteria
    • Compatible with Mitsubishi Electric PAR-WT50R-E/PAR-WR51R-E wireless controller
    • MELCloud Wi-Fi module available

Rotary inverter compressor

The compressor works by rotating two pistons located on a common shaft. The refrigerant sucked into the compressor is compressed by the rotating piston. The hot, high-pressure gas leaves the compressor and is directed to the heat exchanger. The suction and compression process can be carried out simultaneously in the suction chamber and the compression chamber, which are separated from each other by a vane.

High energy efficiency thanks to the innovative gas cooler

The QUHZ heat pump uses Mitsubishi Electric’s unique helical coil gas cooler. The refrigerant pipes are wrapped around the water pipe in a spiral shape, increasing the heat transfer surface area. In addition, the helical grooves in the coiled tube accelerate the turbulence effect of the water while reducing pressure drop, contributing to increased heat transfer efficiency.