LGH recuperator



LGH_RVX recuperator

Lossnay’s advanced recuperators use an efficient heat recovery system. Waste air is extracted from the room and at the same time fresh air from outside is brought into the room. This means a high level of energy savings, as the fresh air is heated or cooled by the exhaust air during the exchange. The heat exchange takes place in a heat exchanger. The Lossnay unit is equipped with a regenerative cross-flow heat exchanger, which is made of very thin paper with a unique design, allowing not only the exchange of sensible cooling power, but also latent cooling power. This solution increases the energy efficiency of the recuperator, which has a significant impact on comfort and significantly reduces energy consumption.

The Lossnay LGH RVX unit is equipped with 2 radial fans. The fan is designed to optimise the balance between airflow and static pressure resulting in low noise emissions. The LGH RVX model is equipped with four fan speeds. Settings of 25, 50, 75 and 100% are available, allowing for much more precise air volume control.