CAHV heat pump

Heat pump


The Ecodan CAHV monobloc heat pump has been specifically designed for applications requiring high heating capacity and guaranteed high flow temperature operation. The unit is equipped with a refrigerant ‘Flash Injection’ system designed for Zubadan air units. By utilising this advanced technology, the CAHV heat pump is able to produce 70°C hot water and minimise the drop in heating power at low ambient temperatures.

The Ecodan CAHV can operate individually or be part of a cascade system of up to 16 units. A system of this design allows operation with stepless capacity modulation of approximately 0.5 kW between 18 kW and 688 kW. The switching of successive units is carried out on the basis of the building’s current heating power requirements. The rotation function, thanks to the alternating operation of the units, ensures an optimum, equal product life cycle for all system components.

Key features:

    • Unit equipped with Zubadan injection technology – Flash Injection
    • Maximum supply temperature 70°C for -10°C ambient temperature and 65°C for -20°C without electrical heaters
    • Two scroll compressors with backup function
    • Cascade control of up to 16 units
    • Rotational operation of units
    • Monoblock heat pump
    • Second heat source can be connected