EAHV-M1500 Heat pump

Heat pump


For several decades, chillers have been used for air-conditioning buildings and cooling technical processes. Chillers are available in versions for cooling only or for cooling and heating as a heat pump. As the requirements for energy efficiency and operating costs increase, new, more economical solutions are needed. To meet these requirements, the new E series is the ideal solution. The modular design makes the solution tailor-made and versatile. A system of this design provides the flexibility to adjust system capacity from 150kW to 1080kW. Units can be combined with each other

Every component of the e-Series unit has been designed with a focus on the highest possible system performance, reliability and efficiency. As a result, the e-Series units combine state-of-the-art technology with years of experience in air conditioning technology.

Flat-piped heat exchanger

The units are equipped with aluminum flat-piped heat exchangers built by Mitsubishi Electric. Heat exchange occurs at 30% higher efficiency than in round-piped heat exchangers.

Result: Much more efficient air flow and less refrigerant.

Efficient scroll compressor

Each unit is equipped with four high-efficiency inverter compressors, operating with R32 refrigerant. Compared to R410a, R32 has low pressure losses, which contributes to better efficiency. The compressors are equipped with inverters that electronically control the voltage, current and frequency of electrical equipment, such as the compressor motors in the heat pump. They receive information from sensors that monitor operating conditions and regulate the compressor speed, which directly regulates the heat pump output. Optimal control of the operating frequency results in a reduction of excessive electricity consumption and the most comfortable room conditions.

Liquid injection port

The return of liquid refrigerant to the suction chamber limits the increase in discharge temperature of R32, when the units are operated at low outside temperatures. The amount of refrigerant injected is adjusted according to the condition of the refrigeration system. This makes it possible to operate in heating mode even at low outside temperatures (guaranteed operating range -20°C).

Easy assembly of modules with prefabricated connection pipes

The individual modules can be easily connected to each other using prefabricated pipes (connectors are available as accessories). The modular design of the system significantly reduces the cost of materials and the space for pipework. The system is hydraulically balanced and ensures an even flow through the units.In a classic system, the supply and return pipe of each unit should have the same total length and pipeline resistance to maintain a balance between the flow rates to the units.