EAHV-P900 Heat pump

Heat pump



For several decades, chillers have been used for air-conditioning buildings and cooling technical processes. With increasing demands on energy efficiency and operating costs, new, more economical solutions are needed.

To meet these requirements, the new E series is the ideal solution. The modular design makes the solution tailor-made and versatile. The chillers are available in cooling-only versions or for cooling and heating as a heat pump. A heating-only version is also available on request.

E-series chillers use high-efficiency City Multi VRF scroll inverter compressors. Together with a state-of-the-art control system, they provide extremely high efficiency and have a very wide range of application areas.

Thanks to the unique modular concept, it is possible to connect up to 6 individual modules together to achieve a system output of up to 540 kW. This modular concept allows assembly and facilitates transport and installation.

The individual modules can be easily connected together using prefabricated pipes. In large installations, it is possible to arrange the units in an opposing arrangement. For service work, a distance of 90 cm is sufficient.

  1. High-efficiency inverter compressor
    Each 90 kW module is equipped with two modern scroll compressors, which are controlled by DC inverters. This results in a control range of 8 % to 100 % per module.
  2. Inverter controlled fan motors
    To improve control accuracy, both cooling circuits have separately inverter-controlled DC fans that are energy efficient and increase system efficiency.
  3. Two cooling circuits
    Both compressors supply separate plate heat exchangers that are located in the center of the unit. Since the evaporation temperature of the in-line plate heat exchangers is modulated, the overall efficiency is increased by a further 3,9 % compared to systems with only one cooling circuit.
  4. Service display
    The digital display of the control system shows operating data such as high and low pressure, water inlet and outlet temperatures, error messages, etc. This ensures easy servicing and maintenance.
  5. Service acces from the front
    The control cabinet and other components are accessible from the front of the unit, making maintenance and repair work easy.
  6. Internal connection
    The ability to connect modules with prefabricated pipes makes designing, transport and installation easier, and the E-Series fits almost any application.
  7. High-efficiency compact heat exchanger
    The use of U-shaped heat exchangers has resulted in a larger heat exchanger surface area and a slimmer design compared to traditional chillers. For protection against dirt and weathering, the heat exchangers have a Blue-Fin coating.
  8. Fans
    The special shape of the fan blades minimises harmful turbulence, ensuring greater efficiency and lower noise levels.

Wide application area