QAHV Heat pump

Heat pump


QAHV heat pumps are specifically designed to prepare large volumes of DHW. As a result, they are ideal for use in residential as well as commercial and industrial facilities whre there is a high demand for DHW. Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative solutions, the QAHV units operate reliably and with a high heating capacity, even in low outdoor temperature conditions.

The QAHV heat pumps are normally capable of operating at an ambient temperature of −25 °C and are capable of supplying hot water at a temperature of 90 °C. The technology used is a Flash-Injection circuit which provides the system with the optimum amount of refrigerant via the compressor through a specially designed injection port, ensuring very stable operation.

Main features of the QAHV pump

    • Use of natural refrigerant (CO2)
    • High efficiency (COP 3,65* achieved)
    • Hot water supply up to 90 °C
    • Operation even at low temperatures down to -25 °C

*External temperature 7 °C, water inlet temperature 9 °C, water outlet temperature 65 °C

Natural performance

In the QAHV series, CO2 (R744) is used as the natural refrigerant. This is an ozone-free compound (ODP = 0) with a very low Global Warming Potential rate (GWP = 1).

High energy efficiency thanks to the innovative gas cooler

QAHV heat pumps use Mitsubishi Electric’s unique helical coiled gas cooler. Three interconnected refrigerant pipes are routed as a spiral around a spiral-shaped water pipe, so maximum heat transfer is achieved. Spiral grooves in the coiled pipe accelerate the turbulent effect of the water while reducing the pressure drop in the heat exchanger, thus contributing to increased efficiency. QAHV heat pumps, equipped with the latest inverter scroll compressors, significantly increase annual efficiency.